Jonathan Borwein

Jonathan Borwein

Jonathan Borwein

Birth : (1951-05-20)20 May 1951 St. Andrews,Scotland

Death : 2 August 2016(2016-08-02)(aged 65)

Personal Information

Name Jonathan Borwein
Birth (1951-05-20)20 May 1951 St. Andrews,Scotland
Birth Place St. Andrews,Scotland
Death (2016-08-02)(aged 65)
Died At
Fields Mathematics
Famous Research Experimental mathematics, expert onpi,optimization,number theory,functional analysis

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Jonathan Michael Borwein (20 May 1951 – 2 August 2016) was a Scottish mathematician who held an appointment as Laureate Professor of mathematics at the University of Newcastle, Australia.


He was a co-founder (1995) of a software company MathResources, consulting and producing interactive software primarily for school and university mathematics.


Borwein was born in St. Andrews, Scotland in 1951 into a Jewish family.


He received his B.A. (Honours Math) from University of Western Ontario in 1971, and his D.Phil.


Prior to joining Simon Fraser University in 1993, he worked at Dalhousie University (1974–91), Carnegie-Mellon (1980–82) and the University of Waterloo (1991–93).


In 2004, he (re-)joined the Faculty of Computer Science at Dalhousie University as a Canada Research Chair in Distributed and Collaborative Research, cross-appointed in Mathematics, while preserving an adjunct appointment at Simon Fraser.


He has received various awards including the Chauvenet Prize (1993), Fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada (1994), Fellowship in the American Association for the Advancement of Science (2002), an honorary degree from Limoges (1999), and foreign membership in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (2003).


He was elected as a Fellow to the Australian Academy of Science (2010).


In 2014, he became a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society.