Arne Tiselius

Arne Tiselius

Arne Tiselius

Birth : Arne Wilhelm Kaurin Tiselius (1902-08-10)10 August 1902 Stockholm,Sweden

Death : 29 October 1971(1971-10-29)(aged 69) Uppsala,Sweden

Personal Information

Name Arne Tiselius
Birth (1902-08-10)10 August 1902 Stockholm,Sweden
Birth Place Stockholm,Sweden
Death (1971-10-29)(aged 69) Uppsala,Sweden
Died At Uppsala,Sweden
Nationality Sweden
Alma Mater University of Uppsala
Fields Chemistry
Institution University of Uppsala)
Famous Research Electrophoresis

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Arne Wilhelm Kaurin Tiselius (10 August 1902 – 29 October 1971) was a Swedish biochemist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1948 "for his research on electrophoresis and adsorption analysis, especially for his discoveries concerning the complex nature of the serum proteins."


Following the death of his father, the family moved to Gothenburg where he went to school, and after graduation at the local "Realgymnasium" in 1921, he studied at the Uppsala University, specializing in chemistry.


Tiselius became a research assistant at Theodor Svedberg's laboratory in 1925 and obtained his doctoral degree in 1930 on the moving-boundary method of studying the electrophoresis of proteins.


From then to 1935 he published a number of papers on diffusion and adsorption in naturally occurring base-exchanging zeolites, and these studies continued during a year's visit to Hugh Stott Taylor's laboratory in Princeton University with support of a Rockefeller Foundation fellowship.


He died of a heart attack 29 October 1971 in Uppsala.


  • 1948 Nobel Prize for Chemistry
  • 1949 Elected a Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 1957 Elected a Foreign Member of the Royal Society (ForMemRS).
  • 1961 Paul Karrer Gold Medal