Andrew Cockburn

Andrew Cockburn

Andrew Cockburn

Birth : Andrew Myles Cockburn (1947-01-07)7 January 1947(age 73) London, England

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Name Andrew Cockburn
Birth (1947-01-07)7 January 1947(age 73) London, England
Birth Place (age 73) London, England

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Andrew Myles Cockburn ( KOH-burn; born 7 January 1947) is a London-born journalist and the Washington, D.C., editor of Harper's Magazine.


Born in London in 1947, Cockburn grew up in County Cork, Ireland.


He has also produced numerous documentary films, principally in partnership with Leslie Cockburn, as well as co-produced the 1997 thriller The Peacemaker, starring George Clooney and Nicole Kidman, for DreamWorks.


After an early career in British newspapers and television, he moved to the United States in 1979.


His film The Red Army, produced for PBS in 1981, was the first in-depth report on the serious deficiencies of Soviet military power and won a Peabody Award.


In 1982, he published the book The Threat – Inside the Soviet Military Machine (Random House), which examined the same topic in greater depth.


He then began covering middle eastern subjects, including the 1991 documentary on the after-effects of the first Gulf war, The War We Left Behind, which he co-produced for PBS with Leslie Cockburn.


In 2009 he and Leslie Cockburn produced American Casino, a feature-length documentary on the financial crisis of 2007–2008.


In 2007, Cockburn wrote Rumsfeld:


The Cockburns are related to Sir George Cockburn, 10th Baronet, who ordered the Burning of Washington in 1814.


In 1977, he married Leslie Corkhill Redlich in San Francisco.