Allan Snyder

Allan Snyder

Allan Snyder

Birth : Philadelphia

Personal Information

Name Allan Snyder
Birth Philadelphia
Birth Place adelphia
Alma Mater University of London (DSc), University College London (PhD), Harvard (MS), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (SM), Pennsylvania State University (BS), Central High School Philadelphia (BA).
Fields Mind Sciences, Visual Neurobiology, Communications and Optical Physics
Institution Director,Centre for the Mind,University of Sydney)

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Events Occured in Scienctist Life


Nelson Mandela and John Howard opened the 2000 event.


Tony Blair and Kevin Rudd opened the 2008 Beijing event.


He won the Harrie Massey Medal and Prize in 1996.


In December 2001 he received the Marconi Prize in New York City.


He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of London in 1990 and is the recipient of their 2001 Clifford Paterson Prize.


The Centre for the Mind is the brainchild of Professor Allan Snyder FRS, and was launched at the historic Museum of Sydney on 4 August 1997.


Dr Oliver Sacks, renowned author and neurobiologist, delivered the Foundation Lecture on "Creativity and the Mind" at the gala public opening on 5 August 1997.